The World of Interiors

March 2020

A MARRIAGE OF MINDS. After Tory Burch tied the knot with Pierre-Yves Roussel, she found it hard to fall in love with the nondescript interiors in her new husband’s Normandy manor. Given carte blanche, the taste-shaping retailer sought guidance from Robert Kime, antique specialist and decorator extraordinaire, to introduce his signature blend of old and new, East and West. His unerring eye and ‘beautifully counterintuitive’ approach made him the ideal match.
Photography: Tim Beddow

Page 118-119: In the main bedroom, the posts of the antique bed have red-painted flutes to match the antique Fez fabric of the headboard and the ‘Queen Anne’ hangings lined with ‘Devon’, both Robert Kime. The back wall is covered in ‘Lorimer’ by Robert Kime for Chelsea Textiles. Embroidered by hand.

Page 120: In this guest-room, hand embroidered ‘Akond of Swat’ curtains enclose a ‘Ghost’ blind; both by Robert Kime for Chelsea Textiles.

Page 121: In this other bedroom, Robert Kime's ‘Gilly Wallflower’ paper surrounds a bedhead upholstered in 'Queen Anne' from Chelsea Textiles, embroidered by hand.

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