Faux Bamboo & Tropical collection

Published 2017

Chelsea Textiles, renowned for their recreations of antique hand embroidered textiles and interpretations of traditional styles of furniture, are delighted to introduce the faux bamboo and tropical furniture collection.

The collection is inspired by 18th Century Swedish hand carved faux bamboo furniture through to the 1960s French split cane style. Each piece is hand made by master craftsmen according to traditional techniques and with precise attention to detail in materials carefully chosen to stand the test of time. The faux bamboo finish is hand painted and hand distressed to such an exceptional degree rarely seen in painted furniture.

The graceful fashioning of the faux bamboo and tropical collection is at once versatile and timeless and upholds the company’s ethos of creating antiques for the future.

As throughout the history of such furniture, the collection brings elegance coupled with a hint of exotic to both classical and more modern interiors anywhere in the world.

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