Embroidered Fabrics by Kit Kemp

Published 2012

A hand embroidered fabric collection has been created by Kit Kemp, design director of Firmdale Hotels, in collaboration with Chelsea Textiles' head designer, Jenny Simpson. Influenced by a sense of the whimsical and the lyrical, as well as a love of animals, the collection features a series of characters and patterns that have a primitive, folkloric feel. The narratives unfold playfully on the fabric, from a star gazing dog and a sailor’s farewell to mythical creatures and a modern take on a Suzani. The art of hand-embroidery is the essence of Chelsea Textiles and Kit Kemp brings the medium to light using wonderful colour palettes and charming, idiosyncratic patterns. Chelsea Textiles specialises in bespoke, hand-embroidered textiles and is one of very few companies safeguarding the skill and timehonoured tradition of producing exquisitely detailed handmade fabrics, using authentic, high quality materials.

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