Croix de velours in Sauge

A 100% silk pile jacquard velvet woven on a rare and custom built loom built by a boutique loom builder in Belgium. The silk pile yarns are wound onto nearly 2000 individual bobbins, each of which is hand placed on the creel at the back of the loom, a technique that employs age old traditions. The weaving on these looms is an artisanal, slow and elegant process.

The yarns used in this silk velvet will naturally flatten and move, creating natural pile variations and texture. This surface variation is completely normal.

Style number
Fabric content
100% Silk Pile
Fabric Width
129 CM 50.8 ″
pattern Repeat
2 cm 0.8 ″

In stock, please request a cutting (up to 5 free of charge)


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