Linen Press Cupboard


Spring is in the air, it's a time to dust away the winter and put a little order back into our homes.

Our elegant linen cupboard is one of those pieces of furniture that helps you do exactly that ... and there's nothing as satisfying as a well ordered cupboard!

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The upper section of the cupboard contains 4 pull-out trays for ease of access, with a set of 5 drawers below replete with decorative brass pulls.

Linen Press Cupboard ENG141

The cupboard is finished by our master painters who age and distress each piece by hand. It is available in any of our signature Gustavian or English & French Country colours.

Particular to this piece is an optional accent colour on the trim, taken directly from the late 18th Century Original.

From the same period we have a bedside table and chest of drawers that perfectly complement the cupboard.

Bedside Table ENG036 Chest of Drawers ENG040 A

Available colours:

Linen Press Colours