NARA II - Robert Kime x Tory Burch

This autumn, Robert Kime Ltd and Tory Burch introduce Nara II, the second chapter of fabrics and wallpapers to join the Nara Collection that launched in May 2020.The Nara Collection marks a collaboration and friendship which first solidified over Robert Kime’s interior design projects at Tory and her husband Pierre-Yves Roussel’s home in Normandy, France. The designs are inspired by a journey the late Robert Kime and Tory Burch took to Japan in 2019.

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“The original Nara designs were heavily influenced by the use of indigo; Robert saw it as a universal colour in Japan. But when we all began working on the new collection, we were keen to utilise some of the other colours that we had found on our journey, also inspired by wonderful Japanese history. We wanted to complement the original Nara designs.”

- Orlando Atty

Managing Director of Robert Kime

Nara, an ancient city and home to some of Japan’s oldest temples, shrines, and ruins, lends its name to the collection. On their journey, Robert, Tory, and Orlando Atty spent time exploring cities and the surrounding landscapes, learning about the area’s history and rich culture.

Tory Burch says, “Robert’s eye for beauty was unmatched, and I was honored to collaborate with him on our Nara Collection. He found inspiration everywhere, and I love that he had no rules. We wanted to create fabrics that were beautifully aged and not too precious; they are ‘perfectly imperfect.'"

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