Homes & Gardens

November 2018

Page 19: KING OF THE JUNGLE. We love the charming Animals cushions collection from Chelsea Textiles. Our favourite is the Seated Tiger & Cockatoo (right), 30x30cm, £96. The cushions have all been embroidered by hand and will add a whimsical note to your home.

Page 56: Pure and SIMPLE. This spacious family home has been reconfigured with a highly practical layout that gives it a charming informality. Featuring small bureaus from Chelsea Textiles' gustavian furniture collection, hand carved and hand painted.

Page 72: The natural PALETTE. Mix elegantly crafted contemporary pieces with a serene palette of materials and hues gathered from nature, for calming interiors with a focus on the finer details. Featuring a Mid Century Modern chest of drawers from Chelsea Textiles, made and painted by hand.

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